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Alzheimer's and Dementia care

5.3 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease. Caring for these patients necessitates skills and training specific to this diagnosis. Our staff knows how to handle patients from aggressive behavior to those who are unable to communicate. They are trained to understand the unique needs of the memory impaired, work with each resident and their family members to customize a personal plan to maximize both self-motivation and functional independence. Helping our patients stimulate their mind as well as their body will promote a longer and more meaningful life.

 Hospice care

We work with patients, families and their hospice providers to assure a seamless continuum of quality end-of-life care. Our team works closely with the patient and family to provide comprehensive support that addresses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual concerns that arise when a person is at the end of life. Our home provides a safe environment with 24 hour care.

Patients and guests often remark on the sense of peace and comfort that they feel at the Home. Itís a place where many generations come together and where family members are relieved of care giving duties and can focus on each other, while our staff attends to the care needs of their loved ones.

Short term stay

We provide short term stay to families that are unable to care for a family member. Typically short-term stay is for rehabilitation until a patient has recovered enough to be sent home to complete recovery. Our short-term stays are perfect when family members are away on a vacation or business trip or require a short break from caring for the senior in their life.